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Kitchen Design


  The Design Process

  • Having a good design for your kitchen is very important, your kitchen has to be an effective and enjoyable space to prepare meals. Knowing the concept of kitchen design and basic kitchen plan is a starting point for a good design of the kitchen you like. A current kitchen is one that follows the trends of each year but also a personal style is perceived, and never forget that in decorating the kitchen has to reflect a lifestyle. Before starting with the kitchen design we must take into account three simple architectural standards to mitigate mistake:

    • The space for the kitchen must have adequate lighting through a window, mostly under this window washer is placed metal plates.
    • The kitchen should be distributed so that the person may have almost all the elements needed for the task of preparing food (refrigerator, stove, and washer).
    • There are three ways to design kitchen according to the space you have, you can design a form of "U", a straight (in large spaces), "L" and finally with center island when you have a large area for kitchen, choose a way not complicate!



    More to think about:

    Take the time to think because the kitchen design depends on many parameters: what place the kitchen occupies in your home? How to make it ergonomic? How to equip your kitchen?. We will list the criteria to be considered in designing a kitchen. After you only need to get started in the work.

    The design of a small kitchen is different from a large and especially if there is an open kitchen to the living room. You probably understand, the installation of a kitchen is made case by case, so that it meets the requirements, expectations, individual needs and that fits best with its inside. Come on, it helps you imagine its layout and equipment ... To make your kitchen project a success. Open kitchen, semi open or closed, with or without an island? It's up to you! 


 Kitchen basics

Are you a large family, a childless couple, a (an) single? Do you use your kitchen only sporadically? These aspects result from the choices in terms of layout, furnishings and equipment. Then set a budget. For this, several elements: the furniture, the appliances and possible work (plumbing, electricity). It is with an idea, even approximate, of your project that you can make your decisions.

Comfort and ergonomics are crucial elements. Sometimes we spend time to cook, and it involves many trips: the refrigerator at work plan, the oven preparation space ... So spare its efforts by developing the place of the most practical way possible. For implantation, kitchen designers usually start from the triangle of activities that define the cooking area (hob, oven), washing the (sink, dishwasher) and the preparation / storage (refrigerator).  Bringing these areas facilitates the circulation avoiding obstacles. Storage wins to get high: choose the columns that take up less space on the ground, but can store more than a traditional closet. Similarly, with an enhanced work plan, increasing the storage capacity, for example by installing an additional drawer. 


Successful Kitchen Design

Before you start, an action plan is needed. To help you define implantation, kitchen designers have developed 3D software that enables a few clicks to build the project. But first you have to take the part of the measures to be developed: dimensions (length, width and height of each wall), angles or not, establishment of the doors (doors and windows), connections and technical elements (water, gas electricity, but also sockets, switches, radiators).

Then establish a level with these data. That done, it can direct you to the most appropriate location from the place. There are several possibilities: L (for square and rectangular rooms), straight or linear (along a wall), U (a space that offers plenty of storage) or in corridor (along two walls making face for a long, wide room).


Materials and Finishes

Determine the type of material for furniture, fronts, worktops and their finishes will have a direct impact on kitchen design. If, for facades, solid wood is the most expensive solutions like veneer, PVC or melamine faced chipboard (the cheapest) make it the most affordable note. New materials are also being used in designing the kitchen, such as paper (Paper Stone), bamboo, environmental virtues. 

Other criteria taken into account. For example, avoid choosing a lacquered kitchen if you have young children, as this coating is fragile and cannot stand the beating. For a work plan, a wide range of materials is offered: stone, quartz, resin, glass, wood, stainless steel, laminate ... Besides the price, the choice also depends on the more or less intensive use, impact resistance, scratch, heat, cleaning products. 


  • Appliances

    Generally, when creating its cuisine, opt for built-in appliances. A question of aesthetics and practicality, since the appliance disappears from view and fits perfectly in kitchen furniture. Moreover, manufacturers have developed coordinated ranges (oven, dishwasher, cooktop) and now offer colors other than black and gray classic. Of course, this trend is also found in the kitchen, which is a stunning view, requires a hyper-groomed appearance. 

Beyond aesthetics, the choice of a model especially through its capacity and durability. Built-in appliances are often more expensive than free standing models. To find one, it should look at the energy label on the wholesale electrical appliances. It allows to read and compare energy and water consumption, but also to know the acoustic performance. 

Good to know, if you go through a kitchen designer, know that most appliances offer packs including hood, hob and oven of the same brand, to reduce the cost. 

  • Atmosphere

    First, consider the mood lighting to give a general light. Ceiling or suspension up to you. The spots, recessed or not, are another solution. For the preparation area, prefer a powerful and accurate light. Halogen spotlight, fluorescent tube, can be installed.
  • Beware fix without creating a shadow when you get to the task. Finally, amenity lighting can be selected: Tape LEDs, small spotlights placed in a niche, light shelf ... are all possibilities to animate the space. A board, choose LEDs are more energy efficient. 








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