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Our Story

Interior design, creative furnishings and accessories, kitchen design, comfortable living spaces, nature and art by Anna Nowak… Growing up in Connecticut spending so much time outdoors as a child, I have always admired and been inspired by nature — its fresh air, tranquility, sunshine and beauty… and the importance of family. Here at Lion’s Paw and Company we strive to bring the very best of what nature has to offer – beauty, fresh air and tranquility — into your home. As nature is ever evolving, so too is the home. Our love and passion for both have always inspired us to share our positive outlook and energies with the world – and you! We strongly believe that every individual client’s life, family and home needs are unique. That is why we work intimately together to seek to reduce stress levels, clutter, etc., while beautifully transforming your home into a sanctuary where you can escape, relax and recharge for a new day. Bringing the best energy and everything that goes with it into your home – is our mission at Lion’s Paw and Company. Let us inspire you with our design ideas and concepts to keep your living space flowing. Visit our beautiful showroom where we are brought together by design.

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Our work and Offerings

Our Brands


Tui Lifestyle
Tui Lifetyle side tables
Tui Lifestyle nesting table
Tui Lifestyle quilted chairs
Oskar Huber
World Finds
Hooker Furniture
J Studio
Roost lotus lamp
Roost metal benches
Lion’s Paw Exclusive
Kitchler & Deidon Lighting
Klaffs Lighting


Sally Aldrich
Puja Pattni
David MoricoJuan Munoz
Nancy Bauer-Howell

Dolca Morico

Our Team

Our wonderful team helps us be the best at what we do


Owner and design consultant

Anna loves to inspire her clients with colorful
luxury and comfort. Helping clients achieve
their personal design gives her tremendous


Design Consultant and Textile Specialist